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Turn Your Wave of Data into Insights with AWS and Splunk

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Take the next step in cloud security using an automated-analytics solution to help you protect your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. AWS Security Hub and Amazon GuardDuty provide rich, valuable data about the innerworkings of your AWS environment, but you still need to organize, prioritize, and act on threats before they get out of control.

The Splunk analytics-driven approach, integrated with AWS, provides security orchestration, automation, and response services that help you get the most from your AWS security services data.

Join our On-Demand webinar to learn how AWS customers are using Splunk to:

  • Increase visibility into potential threats and their root cause
  • Turn mountains of security data into automated security actions
  • Predict security breaches using machine learning techniques

Meet Your Speakers

Scott Ward
Principal Solutions Architect
Amazon Web Services
Duncan Ash
Security Solutions Architect
Splunk Inc.