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Do you have a single Splunk server today? Did you know you can expand your Splunk footprint to provide high-availability and enhance performance? If you have a clustered Splunk setup, do you know how to optimize it for optimal performance and cost? 

Splunk’s architecture is extraordinarily flexible and scalable! Whether you are strictly on-prem or in a public cloud environment like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, there are fantastic options to intelligently place your Splunk assets for maximum performance and low TCO. 

Let’s walk through a high-level discussion as to how you can leverage Splunk’s flexible and scalable architecture to give you the best experience with performance, availability and cost!

Watch the Architecture for Everyone webinar to:

  • Learn about Architecture Business Requirements
  • Receive a Architecture Overview and Refresher
  • Review Notional Architecture Designs


Jade Catalano
Senior Sales Engineer
Splunk Inc.