Microsoft 365: Flying In the Dark at What Costs

18 January | 2PM Singapore Time (GMT +8)

Today, many organizations are migrating from on-prem (Microsoft Exchange) solutions for email/calendar/communications to Microsoft 365. These are critical processes, workflows and activities, which Microsoft 365 provides you with limited visibility.

Splunk brings you the ITSI Content Pack Microsoft Exchange and another for Microsoft 365, providing full visibility into the: performance, availability, security, incidents and messages.

Best manage your operations and deliver the highest service levels to your customers with visibility across your on-prem and cloud services as you migrate and reallocate resources to maximize value. Get instant insights from an: executive, business leader, security, DevOps and IT operations perspective.

Duration: 45 mins

Gain Real-Time Insights into SAP with Splunk IT Service Intelligence and PowerConnect

19 January | 2PM Singapore Time (GMT +8)

Are you looking for a better way to manage the performance of critical SAP services that run your business? Join this session to learn how to unlock the value of rich technical, security and business data inside SAP with Splunk and PowerConnect, the only SAP Certified SAP to Splunk connector in the market today.

See a live demonstration that shows how to get direct insights into:

  • Monitoring SAP performance and correlating SAP telemetry and logs in the application infrastructure
  • Identify and mitigate SAP security risks
  • Orchestrate end-to-end business process monitoring inside SAP
  • Get ahead of SAP failures 30 minutes before they occur with predictive analytics and machine learning

Duration: 45 mins

Understanding Why Your Business Tomorrow Needs AIOps Today

21 January | 2PM Singapore Time (GMT +8)

Digital transformations, cloud journeys, and DevOps adoption have accelerated in all sectors over the past year. IT organizations are often struggling to effectively keep up with the pace of change; driven by accelerating demand for new features, customer experiences and business process improvements.

In this talk, we'll highlight the key business considerations for modernizing from your legacy tool chest and implementing an integrated system of tools designed to empower your teams to manage more than they ever thought possible.

We'll go even further and discuss how AIOps systems can work in conjunction with key business KPIs to ensure your organization is delivering the best customer experiences and driving more business value.

Duration: 45 mins