Tech Talks: DevOps Edition

Who Should Attend: Splunk Administrator, (IT, Security, Data, Business) Analyst, DevOps Engineers, Developers, SREs

Tips for a Successful Open Telemetry Deployment

OpenTelemetry offers vendor-agnostic APIs, software development kits (SDKs), agents, and other tools for collecting telemetry data from cloud-native applications and their supporting infrastructure to understand their performance and health.

As the open standard to collect telemetry for cloud-native applications to be analyzed by backend platforms like Splunk, OpenTelemetry is about owning and controlling your data which makes it no surprise that OpenTelemetry has become widely adopted by many organizations as part of their observability framework for cloud-native software. Additionally, several popular open-source apps and middlewares are shipping with OpenTelemetry instrumentation built-in.

Tune in to learn about:

  • How to make changes to the OpenTelemetry data pipeline
  • Troubleshooting tips when deploying the OpenTelemetry Collector
  • How to confirm the OpenTelemetry collector actively collecting telemetry data

Johnathan Campos
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Observability