The Truth About Tracing Lunch and Learn

Join us for a virtual Lunch and Learn focusing on The Truth about Tracing. During this one hour virtual session, you will learn about observability and why you need it.

During this session we will discuss:

  • Why managing modern apps is a nightmare
  • Why developers prefer microservices to use their own language and framework, and why operators prefer that too.
  • Why apps fail and how you can figure out what’s going on with modern apps through APM.
  • What tracing is, including how every request has an ID added that is persisted across the cascade of requests. It will also cover how the tracing tools use the trace IDs to visualize interactions between microservices.
  • How APM provides you with key capabilities to figure out dependencies, look at every single request, and narrow things down to specific types of users, services, servers and more.
  • The importance of infinite cardinality and real-time analytics to get full value from APM and why these are essential capabilities to understand your applications.

Our Speaker

Greg Leffler

Greg Leffler

Observability Practitioner Director