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Who Should Attend: Splunk Administrators, Security Analysts, SOC Managers

Despite the myriad pathways to initial access on our networks, phishing remains the single most popular technique for attackers. The open nature of email and our reliance on it for communication make it difficult for defenders to classify messages, so it is no surprise that suspicious email investigation is a top use case for automation.

We are releasing a new community playbook for Splunk Phantom to help enrich suspicious email events. This playbook focuses specifically on domain names contained in the ingested email, and it uses Cisco Umbrella Investigate to add the risk score, risk status and domain category to the event in Phantom. When an analyst is assigned an event, this will allow faster recognition of the purpose of the email, and the domain enrichment will also provide a connection point to take further action on the output.


Olivia Courtney

Product Marketing Specialist