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Get Data into Splunk!

Who Should Attend: Splunk Administrators

Getting Data Into Splunk is one of the first best practice topics for getting started successfully with Splunk. In order to make decisions about the best way to get data into your Splunk instance, it is important to understand the system architecture, key data onboarding terms, and the different data ingestion tools. We offer a variety of flexible options and resources to bring any and all of your data into Splunk empowering you to make fully informed decisions.

Tune in to:

  • Learn which types of data sources you can ingest (hint: any type!).
  • Determine the best way to get your data into on-prem Splunk Enterprise depending on your data source and data goals.
  • See a demo of Splunk’s “Guided Data Onboarding” workflow tool that provides a UI driven path for seamlessly getting data in.


Product Marketing
Splunk Enterprise

Senior Product Manager
Splunk Platform - Getting Data In