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Who Should Attend: Site Reliability Engineers, Analysts

Find Root Causes in Minutes with the Splunk APM Tag Spotlight
Before using Splunk APM, many of our customers spent hours looking at traces and logs to try and figure out the root cause of latency or errors. Tag Spotlight reduces those hours to minutes, and provides users with a powerful way to quickly discover granular trends contributing to issues with respect to a service. A holistic view of infrastructure, application or business-specific tags in Splunk APM allows teams to quickly correlate events in latency or errors with specific tag values. By weaving a thread throughout your modern distributed systems, you can easily identify that root errors could all be coming from any resources or that affect just a subset of tenants.

Tune in to learn:

  • How and when to use Tag Spotlight
  • How to explore the distribution of span tags and values to find trends
  • How to engage with your reps at Splunk for next steps


Sahinaz Safari

Principal Product Manager, Splunk

Harnit Singh

Principal Observability Strategist, Splunk

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