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Identify and address security event logging gaps with Splunk UBA

Who Should Attend: Splunk Administrators, Security Analysts, Security Engineers

In event-based analytics-driven security, determining what’s the right data to ingest from thousands of different sources can be daunting. Once the correct data sources are identified, it can be tough to determine if the data being collected truly provides adequate coverage for your most important use cases. Further, the mixture of cloud, hybrid, and on-premise solutions at many organizations add another layer of complexity. Learn how SecOps teams can use Splunk UBA to uncover gaps in security logging & coverage, and can take actionable steps to remedy the data collection discrepancy to operationalize advanced detections.

Tune in to learn about how Splunk UBA allows you to:

  • Identify blind spots in security event logging.
  • Troubleshoot logging right at the source.
  • Find advanced detections with available data sources.


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