City of Mandurah & Splunk – Building Smart, Secure & Efficient Cities

Join us at this webinar to learn how Splunk helps local governments drive digital transformation and hear a real-life use case, presented by the City of Mandurah.

You will discover the power of Splunk for Local Government and how it can help you protect, serve and innovate. Taking real time data from any source, Splunk provides end to end visibility across IT, Security as well as Smart City initiatives and IoT.

The City of Mandurah will explore their digital transformation journey and how they are using Splunk to deliver Smart City Initiatives and power real time data driven business insights, using the same platform and without a team of data scientists or costly data lakes.

During this webinar the City of Mandurah will explore:

  • The innovative ways they are using Splunk, taking data from IoT and non-conventional sources, for everything from car counting, people tracking, parking monitoring, water measurements, tide gauging and traffic analysis – just to name a few
  • Their Splunk journey and the benefits of using single platform across multiple data sources and business units
  • Future plans for the Splunk platform and extending use across IT Operations and Security

If you are interested in learning how harnessing the power of data can keep citizen services running & secure, deliver smart city initiatives and improve operational efficiency, then this webinar is one not to be missed!

Event Details:
Date: Thursday 29 October 2020
Time: 11:00am AWST / 2:00pm AEDT

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Dean Healy


Sam Cook

Team Leader, ICT
City of Mandurah

David Janiec

Coordinator Business Systems
City of Mandurah