Join Splunk Industry Experts on September 14th at 16.00-17.00 CET to see a presentation of Splunk's Operational Resilience and Contact Centre solutions, and how these solutions are accelerating hospitals in the digital approach to measuring the customer experience and forecasting the demand for supplies and resources in the modern hospital.

Security and the ability to provide the best possible service is the focus of every healthcare provider. Given the current circumstances and the pressure medical staff and hospitals are facing in general, access to information is now more critical than ever. Optimising the process of medical exams and enabling alerts and notifications in real-time has become essential. Moreover, it’s crucial to supplement methods of treatments with information gathered through machine learning and to ensure accessibility and mobility of the most vital data via an ergonomic and fast interface.

Find out how you can use Splunk to provide better services for:

  • Insights into system performance and interactions with the broader healthcare ecosystem
  • Hospital personnel / clinician schedule optimizer (efficient allocation of human resources to each process stage)
  • Forecast demand for supplies and resources (medical supplies, test kits, ventilators, hospital beds, etc.)
  • Anticipate demand for resources, hospital capabilities based on demographic and population data in specific areas
  • Gain real-time visibility into end-to-end service quality
  • Connect a wide range of applications, networks, and telephony infrastructure
  • Create cross-platform correlation and a holistic view of the contact centre

The Agenda

Splunk Welcome and Introduction –
What is Splunk?

Reflection from past events:
Bri Morgan – Industry Advisor, Healthcare

Operational Resilience –
Splunks Point of View

Use Case Overview:
Sean Price – Public Sector Industry Strategist, EMEA

Contact Center –
Solution Overview

Use Cases & Demo:
Matt Olson – New Market Strategist

Duration: one hour

Our Speakers

Bri Morgan

Bri Morgan

Industry Advisor – Healthcare

Sean Price

Sean Price

Public Sector Industry Strategist, EMEA

Matt Olson

Matt Olson

New Market Strategist