Splunk Observability: Application and Service Monitoring

More than ever, IT and development success is business success - resilience and innovation are both required. IT and DevOps teams need to maintain the highest levels of business performance, minimize downtime, and deliver world-class digital service and user experiences. This requires being able to define, measure and respond to service level objectives for both speed and resilience.

With Splunk, you now have a seamless workflow for monitoring, troubleshooting, and investigation all the way from the front end to backend services across all metric, trace, and log data. Learn how you can achieve continuous, end-to-end, full-stack visibility and control over all your critical apps and services.

Learn how to:

  • Define and measure the service level objectives (SLOs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most to you and your business
  • Reduce downtime, minimize outages and accelerate mean-time-to-repair (MTTR)
  • Optimize app and service performance
  • Create better end-user experiences


9:00 -

9:20 am PT

Real Talk: How Do You Deliver Always-On Services Given Rising Complexities and Demands - Part 1
Randy Shoup, VP Engineering and Chief Architect, eBay
Josh Atwell, Senior Technology Advocate, Splunk

Abstract: In this session Josh Atwell, Sr. Technology Advocate for Splunk, speaks with Randy Shoup, VP of Engineering for eBay, about the growing challenges organizations currently face when working to deliver world-class digital services and customer experiences. Our conversation will explore the impacts of growing complexity for both development and operations, as well as the increased demands for stronger alignment between these groups and business stakeholders.

9:20 -

9:50 am PT

Identifying Issues and Troubleshooting Faster Across Your Entire Architecture
Mat Ball, Sr. Product Marketing Manager - DevOps Solutions, Splunk
Ori Broit, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Splunk
Allison Sparrow, Product Marketing Lead, Splunk

Abstract: IT, dev, and engineering teams who build, deploy, maintain, and create modern software need visibility and context into their increasingly distributed systems in order to deliver great user experience. As companies unwind and refactor monoliths into microservices and push code faster, the potential for production incidents or poor user-experience is ever-present. Join Allison Sparrow, Mat Ball, and Ori Broit, as they showcase Splunk’s ability to: proactively identify issues impacting business performance across the full stack, use AI-driven capabilities troubleshoot, and leverage a unified view across infrastructure, application, and service data to improve incident management workflows and SLOs.

9:50 -

10:05 am PT

End-to-End, Full Stack Infra, App, User and Service Monitoring (demo)
Nate Smalley, Director, Global ITO Strategists, Splunk

Abstract: See how you can quickly respond to business-impacting events through comprehensive insights into the health of your entire IT environment and services. Through the use of out-of-the-box dashboards, service dependency mapping, and directed troubleshooting, you can quickly triage alerts within Splunk. We will take you through a day in the life of a SRE, using metrics, traces and logs to triage and troubleshoot across business services from a user experience, application performance and containerized infrastructure perspective within a single workspace. Learn how Splunk can help you improve the time to detect and identify the true root cause of issues, as well as remediate them, alleviating the business impact by minimizing slowdowns and outages.

10:05 -

10:20 am PT

Quest Behind the Quest: Using Observability Cloud to Support the O11yQuest Game
Tetiana Kelly, Developer Advocate, Splunk
Scott Mason, Developer Relations Advocate, Splunk

Abstract: With the complexity of any new application, you are never 100% sure what is going to happen when you hit that deploy button. When the O11yQuest Game launched, we needed the right tools to best support the growing success of the game in an agile manner. Fortunately, we thought about Observability from day one. In this talk, we go through how Splunk Observability Cloud supported the development and launch of our game. Viewing our actual data and experience using Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring, Splunk On-Call, and Synthetics.

10:20 -

10:30 am PT

How Lenovo Delivers A Frictionless E-commerce Experience with Splunk
Emily Ren, IT Operation Management Director, Lenovo

Abstract: Lenovo is a multinational technology company that provides smart devices to consumers and businesses in 180 markets around the world. In order to effectively support their global business growth and high IT system availability requirements, Lenovo turned to Splunk to accelerate their AIOps transformation and ensure high availability and performance of their critical digital services. With Splunk, Lenovo uses predictive analytics across integrated service, application and user behavior data to reduce mean time to recovery, manage hybrid cloud environments and maintain 100% uptime for their e-commerce platform. Discover how Lenovo leverages Splunk APM, ITSI and Infrastructure Monitoring for modern IT service management and intelligent monitoring.

10:30 -

10:45 am PT

Real Talk: A Review of the Future of Development and IT - Part 2
Randy Shoup, VP Engineering and Chief Architect, eBay
Josh Atwell, Senior Technology Advocate, Splunk

Abstract: In this session Randy Shoup re-joins Josh Atwell to discuss the future for development and IT operations organizations given the present availability of more capable tools and methodologies. Josh and Randy will explore the outcomes today’s technology professionals can anticipate in an environment better equipped to deliver the highest levels of business performance, minimized downtime, and world-class digital service and user experiences.

Our Speakers

Randy Shoup

VP Engineering and Chief Architect, eBay

Josh Atwell

Senior Technology Advocate, Splunk

Mat Ball

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, DevOps Solutions, Splunk

Ori Broit

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Splunk

Allison Sparrow

Product Marketing Lead, Splunk

Tetiana Kelly

Developer Advocate, Splunk

Scott Mason

Developer Relations Advocate, Splunk

Emily Ren

IT Operation Management Director, Lenovo

Nate Smalley

Director, Global ITO Strategists, Splunk