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Join the Splunk DevOps Forum featuring a series of webinars to hands-on workshops hosted by Splunk experts, and discover how to better manage complex, cloud-native environments and deliver exceptional user experiences armed with technical agility, speed and deep insights.

DevOps Forum Series:

  • From Monitoring to Observability webinar, December 10, 10:30am – 11:30am (Singapore time) - ENDED
  • Splunk4Rookies Data-to-Everything workshop, December 15, 1:00pm – 3:30pm (Singapore time) - ENDED
  • Monitoring the Modern Infrastructure webinar, December 17, 10:30am – 11:30am (Singapore time) - ENDED
  • Fast Track to Observability Hero in 3 hours! workshop, January 12, 1:00pm – 4:00pm (Singapore time) - ENDED

The Agenda


11:30am (Singapore time)

From Monitoring to Observability webinar
December 10 - ENDED

In today’s complex world of cloud-native applications with microservices, ephemeral execution, and elastic behavior we need observability. In fact, we already monitor our systems and observability starts with monitoring. However, observability also goes beyond simple monitoring to give you greater operational insight, leading to shorter incidents, fewer quality problems, a better product, and happier customers.

So, how do we Get From Monitoring to Observability? What are the differences and extensions we need to consider? How can observability move us to an active response state?

In this webinar, we will investigate the five characteristics that you need in moving from the known status of your environment to discovering and responding to the unknowns to which we to respond. We'll cover what observability is and why it is increasingly important, the telemetry needs of observability and how monitoring extends into this space, and how the unknowns are revealed in observability.


3:30pm (Singapore time)

Splunk4Rookies Data-to-Everything workshop
December 15 - ENDED

Attend this Splunk4Rookies hands-on session to discover the value of Splunk in a matter of hours.

What's Involved:
• Create your own Splunk distributed environment
• Collect & index data
• Search & statistics
• Creation of interactive dashboards

Who should attend?
Session is designed for those who are new to Splunk and keen to understand how to get started and get introduced to a couple of initial use cases customers often start with, or for those wanting a quick refresh.


11:30am (Singapore time)

Stop, Investigate, Listen: Monitoring the Modern Infrastructure webinar
December 17 - ENDED

451 Research reports that 83% of organizations are looking for new monitoring approaches to handle IT complexity, but only 11% are satisfied with existing monitoring tools. And why is that?

Traditional monitoring approaches require too many tools across different IT environments. Come discover the power of Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring to create a holistic monitoring and investigation experience across on-prem and hybrid cloud environments, leveraging data from any source at any scale.


4:00pm (Singapore time)

Fast Track to Observability Hero in 3 hours! workshop
January 12 - ENDED

The success of your business requires real-time analytics, operational intelligence, and automation. Splunk Observability can help guide your company to a future that’s already here.

This hands-on will take you through the basics of Splunk Observability, the only observability platform with streaming analytics NoSample™ Full Fidelity distributed tracing in a hands-on environment. In 3 hours, you will gain a deeper understanding of:
• The value of data
• Three pillars of observability (metrics, traces & logs)
• Introduction to dashboards and alerting
• Getting data in (GDI)
• Monitoring as code
• Service bureau - managing teams and usage in Splunk IM and Splunk APM
• Microservices APM