Who Should Attend: Splunk Administrators, Security Analysts, SOC Managers

SOARing to the Cloud with Splunk SOAR
For years, security practitioners have kicked and screamed about their reality. There are too many alerts to fully investigate and manually resolve every day. There is a massive talent shortage of qualified security professionals across the globe. Then couple that with analyst burnout and siloed security point-products. It’s time to stop working harder and start working smarter. Stop playing defense by just reacting to incoming threats. Go on the offensive, get empowered, and get in control of your security operations so you can achieve your strategic goals.

Splunk SOAR is now deployable from the cloud, further delivering on our promise to modernize security operations. Cloud-delivered security makes security operations easier, more agile, and more efficient, helping you stay one step ahead of threats.

Tune in to this Tech Talk to learn about:

  • The SOAR deployment options to truly “SOAR your own way”
  • How to simplify playbook creation using the new Visual Playbook Editor
  • Why security orchestration, automation and response from Splunk can supercharge your security


Ian Forrest

Staff Security Strategist

Olivia Courtney

Product Marketing Specialist