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In retail, your ability to compete will increasingly be driven by how well you can turn data into actionable intelligence. According to researchers at Enterprise Strategy Group, many retailers agree they will be disrupted if they cannot improve their ability to use data to better understand their customers while customizing their products and services to them.

Yet our cross-industry research into data maturity finds that, on average, retailers rank only fifth among eight verticals for data investment.

If you’re looking to significantly improve your operations and run your retail business better, then a platform approach to integrating data can give the right people access to the right insights that drive profitable and customer-centered decisions.

This webinar digs into key elements of an integrated data strategy that improves the customer experience as well as the day-to-day operational decisions that impact your bottom line. We will explore:
  • What omnichannel operations look like in a digitally transformed environment
  • How cross-channel visibility of infrastructure, services and applications impacts the customer experience
  • How a data platform approach can benefit IT Ops, DevOps, Security Ops, Fulfillment and Store Operations



Speaker Info
Global Retail Industry Strategist
Splunk Inc

Speaker Info
Regional Sales Manager
Splunk Inc

Speaker Info
Director of Custom Research
Enterprise Strategy Group