The future keeps getting faster — and it’s anything but simple. How can business leaders navigate through uncertainty in 2022? Staying ahead of trends in the business world, knowing what risks to prepare for, and where transformation is headed can set your organisation apart from the rest, especially in turbulent times.

In this three part series, our expert panels will deep dive into predictions for leadership, security, and observability in a bid to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Episode 1: Leadership

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Covid compressed years of digital transformation into six months, and many businesses continued that acceleration over the past year in the face of huge challenges, like overheated economies, massive supply chain shortages and more. As organisations have to deal with continued uncertainty and new surprises in 2022, which leadership skills will be most in demand? Three foundational aspects of leadership are needed to get through — or prevent — any crisis: Thinking big, which centers on being unafraid of a bold direction; diving deep and staying connected to crucial details; and making informed decisions. Continued uncertainty can be mitigated by the one resource that keeps growing: data.

Join us in this session as our expert panel discuss the data-driven trends and leadership strategies that can help the C-suite take decisive action in 2022.


Mark Woods, Splunk
Bastien Albertus, Clearchannel
Jamison Antoine, Warner Music Group
Tommy Flynn, Rabo Bank

Episode 2: Security

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Security analysts have a tough gig. The past year has seen social engineering remain the biggest threat vector alongside the emergence of supply chain attacks. These higher-profile and more complex attacks will continue, and they’ll proliferate as they become commoditized. According to the IDC European Security Survey 2021, there is wide recognition of the near inevitability of cyberattacks. So what should organisations worry about as we enter 2022 and how can security leaders best support their security operations teams?

We can’t hide from threats. They’re coming (they’re already here). Join this session to hear our expert panel discuss their predictions for the threat landscape in 2022 and how to evolve to stay ahead of it.


Mark Woods, Splunk
Kirsty Paine, Splunk
Ian Keller, Ericsson
Alphus Hinds, Standard Bank

Episode 3: IT & Observability

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Organisations did a great job to rapidly react to the new normal over the past couple of years, accelerating digital transformation (27x faster than expected, according to McKinsey) and refactoring applications to develop online services and support the remote landscape. But what are the consequences of going that fast? IT leaders and teams are starting to face challenges they didn’t have time to prepare for - everything from increased complexity, to expensive outages. And with 55% of interactions between European businesses and their customers now digital in nature, these issues are getting board level attention.

Join us in this session to hear our expert panel discuss the focus areas they expect to emerge in 2022 and the strategies smart IT and development teams will adopt to emerge on top.


Mark Woods, Splunk
Stephane Estevez, Splunk
Martin Miller, Levi Strauss & Co
Anna Barsby, Tessiant