Splunk Zero to Splunk Hero in 3½ hours

Your wish has come true! Hosted by our SE team, our virtual Splunk4Rookies and Observability4Rookies sessions are a great opportunity for you to discover the value of Splunk hands-on in a matter of hours.

What's Involved Splunk4Rookies:

  • Create your own Splunk distributed environment
  • Collect & index data
  • Search & statistics
  • Creation of interactive dashboards

What's Involved Observability4Rookies:

  • The value of data
  • Three pillars of observability (metrics, traces & logs)
  • Introduction to dashboards and alerting
  • Getting data in (GDI)
  • Monitoring as code
  • Service bureau - managing teams and usage in Splunk IM and Splunk APM
  • Microservices APM

Who should attend?

Sessions are designed for people who are new to Splunk and keen to understand how to get started and get introduced to a couple of initial use cases customers often start with.

What you need:

Your laptop with a browser that can access external websites. Zoom will be used as our workshop platform.

What's Next?!

Upon registration, you will receive the Zoom meeting dial in details within your confirmation email.


Event Details

9:30 - 12:00 CET

26 May 2021


14:00 - 16:30 CET

30 June 2021