Building, deploying, maintaining, and modernizing modern software is a team sport that requires context across complex, distributed systems. As companies unwind and refactor monoliths into microservices and push code faster, the potential for production incidents or poor user-experience is ever-present. Splunk’s observability suite is uniquely positioned to help teams tackle complexity, troubleshoot faster, and deliver better user experiences.

Join Mat Ball, Ori Broit and Shashwat Seghal as they showcase Splunk’s ability to identify issues across complete web transactions that span the end-user experience on web browsers, all the way to backend services.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How engineers benefit from unsampled data and end-to-end visibility across complete web transactions
  • How to quantify full stack performance (frontend and backend) on your end-user experience
  • How to troubleshoot complex user impacting issues

Our Speakers

Mat Ball

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Splunk Inc.

Ori Broit

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Splunk Inc.

Shashwat Seghal

Sr. Group Product Manager at Splunk Inc.