Improving Detections and Investigations
with Security Content and Cloud


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Security teams spend unnecessary cycles chasing alerts, trying to gather the right data, and even managing infrastructure. How can they create the space needed to develop and execute to a strategic plan? Shifting focus away from lower-level tasks is critical, if you want to significantly improve posture and get better at consistently and effectively dealing with threats and attacks.

More importantly, there is the challenge of quickly operationalizing new security use cases – at scale and with high efficacy – while answering hard questions from management.

Join us in this 1-hr On-Demand webinar to learn:

  • How to shift your mindset away from "reactive, ad-hoc" – and toward "use case-driven"
  • How to improve the effectiveness of your security program with clearly defined success criteria
  • How to leverage research-driven security content to scale yourself and your team
This webinar will provide a range of examples to help you apply these principles in practice – including how a framework orientation can help to reduce the chaos; basic KPIs to get started in detecting advanced threats and out-of-compliance conditions; and contextualizing and responding to specific issues in a more procedural manner.


Jade Catalano
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Splunk Inc.