Tech Talks: IT Edition

Who Should Attend: IT & DevOps Practitioners (Builder), Service Owners (Consumers)

Finding Signal in the Noise Quickly with the Splunk Content Pack for ITSI Monitoring and Alerting

On Demand

Imagine wrangling all your alerts, from all those monitoring systems that hate each other, into IT Service Intelligence (ITSI), and seeing truly useful stuff -- quickly and easily, with little or no ITSI configuration needed. And yes, it includes business service context, seamless correlation with your existing KPIs, alarm state deduplication, raw alert backfill, real noise reduction, as well as intelligent actioning and alerting when it's time to do something.

Watch it on demand and hear from one of Splunk's Principal IT Strategists as they demonstrate Universal Alerting and other cool capabilities in the new and improved ITSI Content Pack for Monitoring and Alerting (v2.0). See how ITSI can really transform and bring sanity to your alert and incident management.

David Millis
Principal ITOA Strategist