DevOps: Continuous Integration and Delivery, Methodology and Best Practices

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Delivering reliable applications is hard. How can you deliver faster and ensure reliability? Join our DevOps virtual summit to watch the best .conf18 sessions on DevOps, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) and incident management.

Session 1

State of DevOps Expert Panel

Hands-on tour of real-world use cases that customize ITSI and the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit (MLTK). Join this session to experience a rich machine learning talk, where at the end you'll be able to take home the “how-to” knowledge you need.

Session 2

Conducting Better Post-Incident Reviews With Splunk and VictorOps

Okay, you’ve decided to go the “DevOps” route — you've created a culture of observability and aggregated your teams and monitoring tools into a single platform like Splunk + VictorOps ... what’s next? In this session, we’ll cover the barriers preventing effective incident reviews, how to build incident timelines, and the skills, ethos and processes you’ll want to cultivate in your teams as you move beyond blameful processes like root cause analysis towards a culture of continuous improvement.

Session 3

Automate Your IT! Moving Faster with Puppet and Splunk

In this session, we’ll cover how Puppet and Splunk are expanding use cases around Puppet Discovery, Puppet Task and the next iteration of Puppet Enterprise Management. We’ll focus on how all three can be used together to get a better handle on your environment by maintaining compliance, automation, and asset detection — and by bringing it all together within the Splunk ecosystem.