Data is a strategic imperative and lives at the core of digital initiatives and cloud technologies transforming businesses. In order to stay competitive in an increasingly digital landscape, you need to look at data across every part of your business and at every stage in the data cycle. Hear from Splunk and industry leaders on how to drive your business data forward, with thought provoking customer experience considerations, and technologies required to manage and mine the value of accessible and untapped data generated by systems, devices and interactions.

As part of Data Forward 2020:

  • Learn how the powerful combination of Machine Learning with streaming technologies can accelerate obtaining critical business insights, beyond human scale.
  • Discover advances in continuous learning algorithms, and how they provide significant operations cost savings for your organization.
  • Learn about tips and tricks for accelerating your digital transformation and discover how Splunk solutions help deliver value, from monitoring and troubleshooting infrastructure and applications, to securing all your multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments.

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The Agenda

Welcome Address + Succeeding in the Data Age

Seema Haji, AVP, Head of Platform and Industry Marketing, Splunk

Abstract: The Data Age is here — and succeeding in the Data Age means bringing data to every question, decision and action. Join Seema Haji , Splunk area vice president of product marketing, to learn about the latest technology advances in Splunk’s industry-leading Data-to-Everything Platform, which makes it easier than ever to leverage data for every part of your business. See how data streaming, machine learning and cloud-native technologies are coming together to accelerate your digital transformation and to help you gain a competitive advantage from your data. Following Seema, hear from one of our customers on how they teamed with Splunk® software in assuring they are turning data into swift action and operational efficiency.

Revealing the magic: Key to a Successful Cloud Transition

Panel Discussion:
Moderator: Priti Vijayvargiya, Platform Product Marketing Director, Splunk
Tom Stoner, Director, Cloud Sales, Splunk
Jim Donn, Principal Sales Engineer, Splunk
William Searle, Technology Manager - Splunk & Security, NHS Digital

Abstract: Successful cloud transition increases your organization’s agility, reduces costs, decreases time to market and accelerates innovations. But the move to cloud can bring additional complexities that can limit the benefits of your cloud migrations. In this panel discussion, industry experts will share their real-world experiences about how to address these complexities and maximize the benefits of moving to a cloud, multicloud or hybrid environment. See how Splunk is aiding your cloud transition with the Cloud Migration Assessment App, an app designed to provide you with guidance and best practices for a successful cloud migration based on the analysis of your on-premises deployments.

Modernizing IT With Data-Driven Performance Monitoring

Speaker: Mala Pillutla, AVP, Global IT Markets Sales Specialization, Splunk

Abstract: Today's IT and DevOps teams are challenged to monitor increasingly complex cloud services and mission-critical applications using traditional tools that lead to swivel-chair approaches, runaway costs and siloed operational data. This creates blind spots that slow the pace of innovation, impact customer experiences negatively and hinder teams’ abilities to detect and resolve issues quickly. What if there was a way to unify monitoring and investigation across the entire cloud stack? Wouldn’t the jobs of IT and Cloud Operations teams be so much easier if there were consolidated views enabling faster mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) and mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR)? Hear how Splunk is helping organizations across the globe to accelerate their cloud journey with our real-time, massively scalable, and analytics-driven infrastructure investigation and monitoring solution for hybrid- and multicloud environments.

Achieving Real-time Outcomes With Advances in Data Streaming and Machine Learning

Speakers: Mohan Rajagopalan, Senior Director of Product Management, Machine Learning, Splunk and Lila Fridley, Senior Product Manager, Splunk

Abstract: Do you sometimes feel like you’re drinking from a firehose trying to keep pace with your data? Are you buried in a continuous flow of logs and metrics? Rather than drowning in a data deluge, machine learning (ML) can help you make sense of your data and uncover valuable insights in real time. Applying ML to a stream of data — rather than performing offline (batch) model development and training — will help you to reduce resource-heavy computations and uncover insights faster than ever. Join us to learn more about Splunk’s new Streaming ML framework. We’ll introduce you to algorithms developed specifically for online learning and walk you through models that learn on the fly, automatically updating as new data is observed.

Architecting a Winning Security Strategy

Speaker: Eric Schou, AVP, Head of Security Marketing, Splunk

Abstract: The need for a comprehensive cloud security strategy is more pressing now than ever before to maximize the benefits of your cloud transition. See how the Splunk® platform can help strengthen cyber defenses across your multicloud and hybrid environments to address the additional complexities, digital blind spots and new attack vectors that arise from your cloud transition.

Data Forward 2020 Closing Remarks

Speaker: Seema Haji, AVP, Head of Platform and Industry Marketing, Splunk

Our Speakers

Seema Haji

Seema Haji

AVP, Head of Platform and Industry Marketing, Splunk

Priti Vijayvargiya

Priti Vijayvargiya

Platform Product Marketing Director, Splunk

Tom Stoner

Tom Stoner

Director, Cloud Sales, Splunk

Jim Donn

Principal Sales Engineer, Splunk

William Searle

William Searle

Technology Manager - Splunk & Security, NHS Digital

Mala Pillutla

Mala Pillutla

AVP, Global IT Markets Sales Specialization, Splunk

Mohan Rajagopalan

Mohan Rajagopalan

Senior Director of Product Management, Machine Learning, Splunk

Lila Fridley

Lila Fridley

Senior Product Manager, Splunk

Eric Schou

AVP, Head of Security Marketing, Splunk