Hear from local leaders and regional experts

The best of Splunk’s biggest customer event of the year is coming to a city near you!

Join us to hear from local leaders and regional experts as they share need-to-know insights from .conf22 sessions across Security, ITOps and Observability.

We'll explore ways to put your data to work — how to visualise it, analyse it and respond to achieve better outcomes and help solve challenges for your customers. Plus, the opportunity to connect with your peers.

Whether you’re a longtime Splunk user, just implementing Splunk, or yet to begin your Splunk journey, .conf Go is the place to learn how to turn your data into answers.

.conf Go is a half-day event taking place in the morning with optional events taking place in the afternoon. To apply for your place at this event, please fill out the form, selecting .conf Go or optional event of your choice, and we’ll be in touch.


The Agenda




Building Resilience with Unified Security and Observability

With disruptions around every corner, improving business resilience has become a priority for all of us. But as technology environments continue to increase in complexity, what does it take to ensure the security, reliability and performance of your systems and customer experiences? In this keynote session, you’ll hear from Splunk leaders about our latest product innovations focused on end-to-end visibility, rapid investigation and action, and extending the power of the Splunk platform. You’ll learn how customers are bringing the power of Splunk's innovation to improve the resilience of their organizations.


Unified Security and Observability Platform

Digital transformation is possible only through end-to-end visibility of business processes, enabling rapid time to action to maximize opportunities and mitigate threats. In this session, you'll hear how Splunk platform can help you create a complete operational view of your business to improve security posture and optimize business operations. Learn how the extensibility of Splunk platform empowers you to operationalize data efficiently by building use case specific functionality across a shared data set, eliminating data duplication and optimizing data storage costs.


Networking Break


Bolstering Cybersecurity Resilience to Protect Your Organization

Are you stuck in the vortex of defending against an expanding threat landscape within an increasingly complex environment? Join this session as we unlock our data-centric approach to achieving cyber resilience, allowing you to withstand unpredictable threats to your business. Learn how Splunk products and services can deliver end-to-end visibility to detect threats accurately to help reduce business risk, empower your team to respond to attacks faster, and maximize the full potential of integration to accelerate time-to-value.


End-to-End Visibility So You Can Build, Troubleshoot and Innovate Faster

Delivering software innovation that delights customers is more important than ever. But as you move to the cloud and modernize apps and IT processes, there’s more to react to — hybrid environments, software changes, more data across fragmented tools. Splunk observability solutions give you end-to-end visibility and business context across your infrastructure, applications, and digital customer experience, with AI assistance to proactively spot problems and root causes so you can act before your customers are impacted. Explore best practices to deliver resilient software and services faster.


Networking Lunch


Boss of the Operations & Observability (BOO)
Optional afternoon workshop

BOO is a gamified, capture-the-flag-esque (CTF) activity where participants leverage the Splunk Observability Cloud and Splunk’s IT Operations Portfolio — and other resources — to answer a variety of questions about the different types of real-world IT incidents that analysts and engineers face everyday. The Splunk IT and Observability Strategists created this event to simulate a day-in-the-life of IT Operations and Observability and to showcase how Splunk is used to investigate, analyze and monitor real environments.


Boss of the SOC (BOTS)
Optional afternoon workshop

BOTS is a blue-team, jeopardy-style, capture-the-flag-esque (CTF) activity where participants leverage Splunk's Security Suite to answer a variety of questions about the type of real-world incidents that security analysts face regularly. This is a fun and competitive session and will last ~4 hours.


Happy Hour Reception


London - 12 October

The Brewery

52 Chiswell Street
London, EC1Y 4SD