AIOps Meets NewOps:

How to Leverage AI in the New Age of IT Operations


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AI and predictive analytics are shaping the rapid evolution of IT organizations. IT teams have struggled to collaborate due to disparate tools, fragmented data and lingering legacy investments that just aren’t cutting it. Faced with these struggles and the pressure to keep up with digital transformation, IT orgs are shifting toward a new operating model that integrates development and operations cycles to better enable monitoring, collaboration and automation. The catalyst for all of this is AI and machine learning. With AIOps tools, teams are:

  • Using data-driven approaches to improve insights, decisions and time to value, spending more time on innovation and critical initiatives
  • Improving collaboration by creating more holistic views of their data, building trust between IT and lines of business
  • Extracting additional value from legacy investments

Join Padraig Byrne from Gartner and Splunk SVP of IT Markets Rick Fitz as they discuss the challenges I&O leaders face today, how integrating AIOps can improve collaboration and resolution times and help organizations move to a New IT model.