February 28th @ 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

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Let’s face it – when it comes to advanced threats, security operations teams have no pre-defined indicators to guide them on “what to look for,” leaving them vulnerable to attack. Advanced threats are designed to compromise one or more systems, and establish persistence and communication channels to direct activities to accomplish its goals. Adversaries use multiple attack vectors which are difficult to discover, remove, and attribute.

The key is to make more informed decisions and pre-empt issues before they occur. The only way to combat and stay ahead of advanced threats is to apply advanced analytics, so you can quickly identify, investigate, respond and adapt to threats in dynamic, digital environments.

Join us for an overview and demonstration by Splunk Security experts and learn how you can:

  • Benefit from early and timely detection of advanced and insider threats
  • Detect malicious activity within and across the cyber kill chain
  • Detect anomalous activity with advanced statistical analysis and machine learning
  • Gain additional context to investigations by leveraging machine learning
  • Optimize investigations, respond to threats, and increase operational efficiency
  • Leverage 3rd party tools for threat management


Kenneth Westin
Staff Security Strategist
Splunk Inc.
Girish Bhat
Director Product Marketing
Splunk Inc.
Patriz Regalado
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Splunk Inc.