What's Your Data Really Worth?


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Everyone talks about data as “an asset,” but assets have value. So what is your ever-increasing volume of data actually worth? We did the math, and this webinar lays out the benefits top-tier organizations are getting from a mature data strategy, including:

  • Top-performing organizations draw 12.5% of their gross profit just from smarter use of data
  • Data-driven organizations in eight industries use data to both increase revenue and cut operational costs
  • Data helps 97% of top-tier organizations meet or beat their customer retention targets
  • Data leaders draw more of their revenue from new and innovative products and services

Splunk and researchers at Enterprise Strategy Group performed global research with 1,350 business and IT experts worldwide to produce the new report, “What’s Your Data Really Worth.” Join this one-hour webinar as Andi Mann, Splunk’s chief technology advocate, and Mike Saliter, our VP of industries and specialization, walk through the insights with ESG research director Adam DeMattia.

Data is our most valuable asset. But you might be surprised to learn how valuable it can be.

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Topic: What’s Your Data Really Worth?
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Andi Mann
Chief Technology Advocate
Mike Saliter
VP, Industries & Specialization
Adam DeMattia
Director of Custom Research
Mike Leone
Senior Analyst