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In financial services, data is everything. From real-time risk monitoring and fraud detection to omnichannel customer visibility, data drives success. In fact, our cross-industry research with leading research and strategy firm ESG into data maturity finds that financial services firms rank second only to tech companies (among eight verticals) for data investment and “data-obsessed” culture.

But being data-obsessed requires more than adding big data tools to the stack. To focus on data quality and make intelligent use of your data, you have to revisit your cross-functional data strategy.

What does this mean for your organization? This webinar digs into the global research, highlighting how 1,350 business and IT experts lay out the benefits top-tier organizations are experiencing from a mature data strategy, including:

  • Fully 67% of financial services organizations say better use of data has increased revenue.
  • 87% of financial firms agree (and 47% strongly agree) that the intelligent use of data and analytics is becoming the only source of differentiation in the financial industry.
  • Across industries, top-performing organizations draw 12.5% of their gross profit just from smarter use of data.

Learn how financial firms are leveraging data to drive innovation in customer experience, fraud, and business operations. Finance leaders know that data is our most valuable asset. But you might be surprised to learn how valuable it can be.

Webinar Details:
Topic: What’s Data Really Worth in Financial Services?
Date: On-Demand


Duncan Ash
AVP, Global Financial Services Lead
Adam DeMattia
Director of Custom Research


Charles Adrieanssens
Financial Services Strategist, EMEA
Alex Afflerbach
ITOA Specialist
Haider Al-Seaidy
Financial Services Technical Lead