How do you build a successful performance monitoring practice that goes beyond just reacting to outages?

The short answer: synthetic monitoring and Real User Monitoring (RUM).

The long answer: While these two technologies provide a great foundation, many organisations use them at their most basic level – to measure service uptime and alert on availability issues. But synthetic monitoring and RUM can offer so much more, especially considering how the performance and user experience of websites, web apps, or APIs can directly impact operational costs and revenue.

Join this webinar to get insight into how to level up your performance monitoring. We’ll provide answers to questions like:

  • How do performance and UX impact the business?
  • What metrics should you track?
  • What optimisations can you do to improve those metrics?
  • How do you build a culture of performance, and how can you put processes in place so those metrics only get better?

We’ll also cover the maturity cycle organisations go through as they adopt a Digital Experience Monitoring practice and the challenges they face at each stage.

Whether you’re a frontend developer defining “what fast means” for your website, a backend developer wanting to understand the customer impact of backend services, or an SRE wanting to include user experience into SLIs, this session will provide insight on how to build a more successful performance monitoring practice inside your organisation – one that goes beyond just reacting to outages.

Webinar duration: 45 minutes


Our Speakers

Arthur Hamon

Arthur Hamon

Digital Experience Management Specialist

Stephane Estevez

Stephane Estevez

Observability/IT EMEA Product Marketing Director