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Do you have a security cloud strategy? How do you prevent and detect threats against your cloud environments?

To build a strong security cloud strategy and protect your enterprise cloud, a successful cloud unified security posture is critical, but is not without challenges.We will address these challenges and how to normalize and manage critical data across various cloud services (AWS, Azure, GCP), platforms and product implementations to better prevent and detect against threats. Having a unified security posture across your cloud environments enables better cloud monitoring, threat prevention, compliance management and accelerate detection to contain attacks across multiple cloud environments.

Learn how to leverage Splunk Solutions across various cloud providers or wherever data lives to solve cloud security challenges:

  • Normalize and manage critical data, prevent misconfigurations and proactively alert
  • Provide analysts with a comprehensive vision of AWS, GCP, Azure security posture
  • Monitor, investigate and detect vulnerabilities in cloud environments
  • Visualize and analyze multi-cloud threat surfaces and vulnerabilities
  • Establish security checks and compliance
  • Enhance tools for cloud auditing across multiple cloud providers

Panel Members:

José Hernandez
Principal Security Researcher
Splunk, Inc
Jade Catalano
Sr Product Marketing Manager
Splunk, Inc
Rod Soto
Principal Security Research Engineer
Splunk, Inc