3 Most Surprising Ways

Top-Tier Manufacturers Use Splunk for IoT


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Manufacturing plant floors, medical devices, banking ATMs, televisions, cars and trucks, security cameras, aircraft, point-of-sale systems, off-shore oil platforms and nearly everything else in between is increasingly connected and software-enabled. If you use, operate or manufacture something that is increasingly connected to the internet and software enabled, you know that reliability and security of the software that makes this possible is now as mission critical as any other IT and Security workload.

Join us In this webinar, where you will hear from Ed Albanese, Splunk’s VP of IoT and a thought leader from Splunk’s partner ecosystem, Erik Dellinger, Director of IoT from Strategic Maintenance Solutions on how to apply Splunk’s unique, powerful and proven properties as a data management platform to deliver on the promise of reliability and security of IoT software, devices and associated data sources. You will learn:

  • The most common IoT problems and needs world-class companies have applied Splunk to solve
  • Which products and product capabilities of Splunk directly apply to IoT
  • Examples of Splunk’s IoT superpowers – such as the association of data from enterprise systems to contextualize data from IoT devices


Ed Albanese
VP, Internet of Things (IoT)
Splunk Inc.
Erik Dellinger
Strategic Maintenance Solutions - Director of IoT
Splunk Inc.