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Who Should Attend: Splunk Administrators, IT Analyst

Effective service monitoring and alerting in ITSI is only possible when KPI thresholds are appropriately configured and well-tuned. Yet all too often, this isn’t the case as ITSI does not natively ship with reports to assist in identifying poorly configured KPI thresholds or an interface to interactively tune them. The problem is compounded when ITSI administrators rely too heavily on out-of-the-box threshold configurations which may not be well understood or appropriate for their organization’s data.

In this tech talk, we’ll fix all of that for you by reviewing Splunk best practice approach to analyzing and tuning KPI thresholds using dedicated dashboards available in the ITSI Content Pack for Monitoring & Alerting.

Tune in to learn about:

  • The Service and KPI threshold analytics dashboards you wished you knew about sooner
  • Splunk’s best practice approach for identifying poorly tuned Services and KPI across the environment
  • An interactive process you can follow to tune a KPI from “zero to hero”


Jeff Wiedemann

Principal IT Strategist and ITSI SME

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