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A regular workday in the life of a Splunk employee revolves around two main activities - Splunk and Zoom. It is not just us at Splunk but majority organizations across the globe are now relying on Zoom to stay connected with their customers and their employees. Our Remote Work Insights (RWI) app, Splunk Connect for Zoom and Splunk App for Zoom, help organizations streamline the connection to Zoom data and to get enhanced insights into Zoom video conferencing data through dashboards

Learn how to ingest your Zoom data in Splunk, through the Splunk Connect for Zoom, which is an add-on which uses Webhook to receive event-based notifications for Zoom account events such as meeting events, webinar events, cloud recording events and more.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • Getting started with Splunk Cloud and getting your organization’s Zoom data in Splunk
  • To learn the value of service monitoring
  • How to use the RWI & zoom related apps & add-ons on Splunkbase


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Who Should Attend: Splunk Administrators


Daunte Baccus
Solutions Engineer

Manan Grover
Solutions Engineer