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This IT Edition Tech Talk will focus on our technical add-on (TA) for Windows OS. Over the next two talks, we’ll introduce the Windows TA, showing you how you can gain rapid insights and operational visibility into Windows environments. The TA for Windows makes management of many data sources—like eventlog, performance sources, registry and of course standard logfiles–easier. It offers CIM compliant knowledge objects, normalizing your data and providing a unified view across the entire data domain. This arms administrators with a powerful ability to quickly identify performance and capacity bottlenecks and outliers in Windows environments.

Join us for part one to see:
  • An introduction the TA
  • Demos showing set-up and available out-of-the-box content

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On Demand

Who Should Attend: Splunk Administrators, IT Analysts


Hans-Henning Gehrts
Staff Consulting Solutions Engineer, Splunk

Kaitlin Reynolds
Product Marketing Manager, IT Markets