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Are you trying to achieve end-to-end visibility across your multi-cloud or hybrid environment but running into roadblocks? This tech talk addresses the challenge of normalizing data from the 3 major cloud service providers’ implementations, and establishing a set of security checks across them. Join us to learn how to implement a unified framework within data analytics tools that can be used for cloud monitoring, investigation, detection and response.

Tune in to learn about:
  • Normalizing data from different cloud vendors
  • Difference between perimeter and cloud security posture
  • Splunk tools to achieve vendor wide security monitoring, detection and defense

Event Details


There are two live sessions offered.
July 21 10AM PT/1PM ET/6PM BST
July 22 10AM SGT/ 12PM AEST
Who Should Attend:
Splunk Administrators, Analysts


Rod Soto
Principal Security Research Engineer, Splunk

Rinita Datta
Product Marketing Manager
Splunk Platform - Splunk Cloud