Global research uncovers IT security leaders’ key strategies for cloud complexity, remote work and supply chain attacks.

Security organizations have always been hard-pressed to keep up with the rising tide of data, the ever-expanding perimeter, and the increasing frequency and sophistication of attacks. Our research confirms the conventional wisdom: It’s only getting worse.

In this just released global research, 76% of security and IT leaders say that remote workers are harder to secure. The familiar challenges have intensified in the COVID era: Manual processes are slow, cumbersome and widespread. The eternal shortage of skilled security experts is more pronounced. And cloud migration, a trend that goes back a good decade, has become more challenging because of ever-growing complexity, alongside ever-increasing velocity.

Join our live webinar, The State of Security 2021, and learn:

  • How the IT security industry is evolving right now
  • Why organizations are losing ground in their effort to keep up with security requirements
  • The security challenges that remote workers are facing
  • How SolarWinds cyberattacks work, and what you can do to prevent them

Our Speakers

Yassir Abousselham

Chief Information Security Officer, Splunk

Jon Oltsik

Senior Principal Analyst and Fellow, ESG