Today’s infrastructure exists in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment. As a result, Splunk Cloud admins have to keep pace to ensure that this data flows into their Splunk Cloud deployment. Our ACS API was built for Splunk Cloud admins who require self-service management of their Splunk deployments, and it has a rich set of features that extend well beyond the user interface.

Starting with IP allow lists, ACS is a RESTful API that equips Splunk Cloud admins with a steady stream of capabilities (e.g., private app management, HEC tokens) that will remove friction and provide full control over their deployments.

ACS is already enabled in your environment! It’s ready to use out of the box.

Tune in to learn about the following ACS capabilities in greater detail:

  • Getting started and setting up the API (we use the Postman API)
  • Index creation and management
  • Adding a new IP allow list
  • HEC management

Christian Roth
Director, Cloud Infra & Config