We have entered an era of dynamic, constantly changing, constantly evolving infrastructure. Multi and hybrid cloud environments, containers, microservices, and DevOps practices introduce new operational complexity, tool sprawl headaches, siloed teams, and an unmanageable volume of data. These complexities lead to long times to detect, investigate and resolve infrastructure issues.

Monitoring is part of any successful business operations to identify and resolve infrastructure service performance issues before they impact customer experience, but legacy monitoring tools can’t address the complexities of today’s modern infrastructure.

What is required for modern monitoring? During this live Q&A you will learn from our expert panelists the core capabilities that will drive a successful monitoring strategy no matter what your stack looks like:

  • Speed - get started instantly with real-time visibility, insight, and problem detection via easy-to-use dashboards and rapid drill-down capabilities for significant reduction in MTTD and MTTR
  • Scale - data breadth and depth from one solution to support on-prem, multicloud, hybrid cloud, and cloud-native environments today, with the flexibility to scale as environments evolve
  • Analytics - AI-driven insights and analytics to reduce data noise and alert storms for proactive problem detection

Join us to get all your questions answered and we promise, no slides!

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Our Speakers

Andi Mann (Moderator)

Chief Technology Advocate at Splunk

Kara Gillis

Director of Product Management at Splunk

Stephen Elliot

Program Vice President at IDC