Upcoming Webinars for January

Are you looking to expand your knowledge of Splunk capabilities? Are you stuck on what the next use case could be to make you a rock star at your organization? Check out Splunk’s Tech Talks Series, featuring Platform, IT, Security and DevOps Editions.

Splunk Tech Talks are short, technical webinars for Splunk users. These 15-20 minute webinars are practitioner based overviews with a live demo to highlight best practices, scenarios and new functionality.

Tech Talk: IT Edition

Crawl, Walk, Run: Getting Started with AIOps
1/25/2022 | 10:30 AM PT / 1:30 PM ET

Who Should Attend: IT & DevOps Practitioners (Builder), Service Owners (Consumers)

Whether you're considering a new Splunk deployment for an IT operations use case, or are an existing user of Splunk for something else but want to add an IT operations use case, getting off the starting blocks can sometimes seem daunting.

In this session, we'll walk through what it takes to build a world-class IT Operations Management infrastructure with Splunk, from simple alerting to sophisticated event management, deep service insights, predictive analytics, and on-call management.

Eric Hennessey
Consulting Solutions Engineer – IT Solutions


Tech Talks: Security Edition

What’s New with Enterprise Security 7.0?
1/25/2022 | 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

Who Should Attend: Splunk Administrator, (IT, Security, Data, Business) Analyst

In this session, learn about all of the latest in Security Analytics innovation coming in the newest release of Splunk Enterprise Security. We will do a deep dive and demos on the new capabilities and fresh interfaces that streamline analyst workflows, extend executive visibility, and build on Risk Based Alerting. Join us as we explore what is in the newest release of Enterprise Security, and hear from ES Product Management leadership about what’s next for ES.

Tune in to learn about:

  • A quick recap in the updates to version 6.6
  • All the new features in 7.0 as well as a demo of the awesome new user experience
  • How to learn more about Splunk Enterprise Security

Marquis Montgomery
Principal Product Manager

Patriz Regalado
Product Marketing Director
Security Product Marketing

DevOps Edition

Instrumenting Your Microservices Based JavaScript Application From Start to End
1/25/2022 | 11:30 AM PT / 2:30 PM ET

Who Should Attend: Splunk Administrator, (IT, Security, Data, Business) Analyst, DevOps Engineers, Developers.

JavaScript currently stands as one the most commonly-used language in the world according to many developers around the world. As organizations continue to adopt microservice based architectures, the speed and reliability with which large, complex applications are delivered can become overwhelming to understand and effectively monitor.

In this Splunk Tech Talk, DevOps Edition, we will use a basic NodeJS microservices based application deployment to learn how to instrument Javascript using the Splunk Distribution of OpenTelemetry JS. We will take a deep dive into the basic code changes and steps required to begin collecting telemetry and understand our customer’s experience.

Tune in to learn:

  • How to instrument your NodeJS application programmatically with the Splunk Distribution of OpenTelemetry for JavaScript within a microservices based deployment
  • How to deploy the Splunk Distribution of the OpenTelemetry Collector to capture critical infrastructure and application telemetry
  • Deep dive into Splunk Enterprise data using intuitive filtering options and save interesting filters as a saved query
  • How to configure browser instrumentation with Splunk Real User Monitoring and gain insight into the performance and health of the front-end user experience to best understand your customer’s experience

Johnathan Campos
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Observability