Upcoming Webinars for May 18th

Are you looking to expand your knowledge of Splunk capabilities? Are you stuck on what the next use case could be to make you a rock star at your organization? Check out Splunk’s Tech Talks Series, featuring Platform, IT, Security and DevOps Editions.

Splunk Tech Talks are short, technical webinars for Splunk users. These 20-30 minute webinars are practitioner based overviews with a live demo to highlight best practices, scenarios and new functionality.

Tech Talks: Platform Edition

Who Should Attend: Splunk Administrators, Analysts

Dashboard Studio: Reimagine What You Can Do with Your Dashboards
May 18 9:30AM PT/12:30PM ET
May 18 1:30PM BST/2:30PM CEST

Discover what’s now possible with your dashboards using the new Dashboard Studio. Dashboard Studio is our intuitive dashboard-building experience that allows you to easily communicate even your most complex data stories. You can efficiently create powerful, story-telling dashboards with advanced visualization tools, a streamlined editing experience, and fully customizable layouts. It has never been easier to build informative and beautiful dashboards that are effective for the day-to-day user and appropriate for an executive-level audience.

Tune in to:

  • Understand how Dashboard Studio opens up new dashboard use cases and makes current ones easier, cheaper, and faster to create and maintain
  • Learn how this new dashboard builder empowers more dashboard creators and users to get hands on with no custom code required
  • See it in action with a demo of how to quickly build a beautiful dashboard from start to finish in Dashboard Studio


Judith Silverberg-Rajna

Product Marketing, Platform

Lizzy Li

Senior Product Manager, Dashboards

Seamlessly Search Your Data Wherever it Lives with Splunk Federated Search
May 18 10AM PT/1PM ET

Want to seamlessly search your data in cloud or on-premises? Explore Splunk’s new Federated Search capability that lets you search across multiple Splunk environments from both Splunk Cloud and on-premises with ease. Unlock brand new, cross-functional insights by breaking down data silos, all while managing security requirements with role based data access controls. Turn data into doing faster than ever before with an intuitive unified search experience requiring less data movement and IT resources. Adapt your Splunk environment and data searches free of barriers to meet your evolving data needs.

Tune in to learn about Splunk Federated Search:

  • Efficiently search across Splunk data stores
  • Easy configuration and setup with self-service intuitive interface
  • Maintain strong security controls


Srinivas Bobba

Principal Product Manager, Platform


Tech Talks: IT Edition

Who Should Attend: Splunk Administrators, IT Analysts

Harness the Power of ML- driven Monitoring and Reporting in your SAP Infrastructure
May 18 10:30AM PT/1:30PM ET
May 18 2:30PM BST/3:30PM CEST

Are issues in SAP making you feel like you’re missing information? There’s a problem but you don’t know what it is? We all know SAP is a complex, yet mission-critical part of your business. Issues, outages and blind-spots can impact your bottom line… and your sanity!

Join us on this webinar to learn how you can bridge infrastructure data and SAP data, resulting in:

  • Reduction in downtime
  • Advanced notice of potential outages
  • Reduced incident investigation time -- we have customers seeing a 90% reduction!
  • Less finger-pointing in the war room


Martin Wiser

Field Solution Engineer

Nikolas Kourtidis

SAP IT Sales Specialist

Tech Talks: Security Edition

Who Should Attend: Splunk Administrators, Security Analysts, SOC Manager

Splunk Phantom App Building the Easy Way
May 18 11AM PT/2PM ET

Splunk Phantom apps provide a way to extend the Phantom platform by adding connectivity to third party security technologies in order to run actions. Given the broad set of technologies that can be orchestrated during cyber response, apps allow users and partners to add their own custom functionality within Phantom. Apps are written in Python, and in order to automate successfully, you must have at least one person that understands how apps work, how to troubleshoot an app, how to modify an app, and how to build a new app from scratch.

This talk will walk you through the open source Phantom Test Harness you can use to greatly simplify the Phantom App building/testing process.


Ian Forrest

Staff Security Strategist

Olivia Courtney

Product Marketing Specialist, Splunk

Tech Talks: DevOps Edition

Who Should Attend: Site Reliability Engineer, Platform and Cloud Operations

Getting more out of uptime and performance monitoring
May 18 11:30AM PT/3:30PM ET
May 18 3:30PM BST/4:30PM CEST

With more people online than ever before, delivering great user-experience is more critical than ever. Since uptime and page performance directly impact digital business results, it’s important to measure the impact of code on user-experience. Splunk Synthetic Monitoring is a best-in-class solution to help proactively find, fix, and prevent performance issues from impacting customers. Join in to see Splunk’s ability to help prioritize your site’s performance improvements, walk through new web optimization best practices, and illustrate how to include uptime and performance across your existing Splunk solutions.

Takeaways from this webinar include:

  • How to identify and prioritize performance improvements
  • New web best practices to optimize images, fonts, and cookies to improve UX
  • Synthetic integrations for uptime and incident response across the Splunk platform


Mat Ball

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, DevOps Solutions

Billy Hoffman

Sr. Principal Engineer, Splunk Synthetic Monitoring