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Want to react proactively to security attacks and anomalies? Want to reduce your response time from 40 minutes to 30 seconds?

Want to make informed decisions. Detect and respond at machine speed with data science, machine learning and automation that augments human skills and experience — If your SOC is not doing this, it must be snoring instead of SOARing (Security Orchestration, Automation & Response).

Join the Phantom workshop and learn:
  • How SOC teams that utilize SOAR are seeing improvements in scale, consistency, and are responding to alerts at machine speed.
  • How to respond to incidents, manage cases and artifacts, as well as automate your incident response and standard operating procedures.
  • How Phantom can be used from the creation of a notable event to enriching alerts by automatically gathering data, all the way to managing and resolving the incident.
The workshop will cover:
  • What is Phantom
  • How to use the Phantom UI to perform manual & automated actions & enrich events
  • How to create both simple and complex playbooks and applications
  • Understand Phantom apps and integrations
  • Create streamlined processes for security automation

Who Should Attend

Security analysts, IT security officers and SOC professionals


For best workshop experience, complete the Splunk Fundamentals 1.