Innovating Infrastructure Monitoring with Splunk

Splunk provides visibility across the entire IT landscape – on-prem, hybrid/multi-cloud leveraging data from any source, at any scale, and in real-time. Infrastructure can and should be an enabler for companies as they embrace DevOps practices and the journey to Cloud. Find out how visibility and action can turn infrastructure from being a bottleneck to a transformation accelerator.

What to expect:

  • Define and implement strategies that fast-track your digital transformation
  • Understand the importance of full-stack visibility for all IT and engineering assets
  • Accelerate hybrid and cloud migrations



Our Speakers

Josh Atwell

Senior Technology Advocate, Splunk

Dave McAllister

Sr. Technical Evangelist, Splunk

Emily Freeman, @editingemily

Jenna Eagle

IT Operations Strategist, Splunk

Kyle Ruddy

Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, Hashicorp

Amit Sharma

Director of Product Marketing, Observability, Splunk

Julian Wood

Senior Developer Advocate, AWS Serverless App Experience

The Agenda

*Please note that this is the original schedule, but this event is currently on demand.

09:00 -

9:30 am

30 min

Cloud Transformation at the Speed of DevOps
Speakers: Emily Freeman, @editingemily
Josh Atwell, Senior Technology Advocate, Splunk

While speed is at the core of most any DevOps conversation, speed without a strategy for stability is destined to be short lived. Today we are going to introduce topics that help tech-enabled enterprises transform their infrastructure quickly, purposefully.

09:30 -

10:00 am

30 min

Metrics for Modern Infrastructure and Workloads
Speaker: Dave McAllister, Sr. Technical Evangelist, Splunk

Modern apps require more information to maintain and operate at peak performance. Starting from the concept of Google’s Golden Signals, come learn how approaches like Rate-Errors-Duration (RED) and Utilization-Saturation-Errors (USE) make your monitoring and alerting cleaner, clearer and more on target.

10:00 -

10:30 am

30 min

The latest TikTok challenge, but for IT teams. How to monitor and troubleshoot hybrid and multicloud environments like a savage.
Speaker: Jenna Eagle, IT Operations Strategist, Splunk

"Tell me you work in IT, without telling me you work in IT." What would you show? Swivel chairing from one screen to another? A timer with poor MTTR? A contentious war room? Customers complaining on Twitter? Or would you show your Splunk dashboard, with you chillin' in your chair sipping on coffee (or IPA, hey no judgement). Cloud adoption has changed the way IT teams monitor their infrastructure and if you're ready to ditch legacy tools and point solutions then join us! Hear how Splunk gives visibility into usage and cost of hybrid/multicloud environments and you too can save on and improve MTTR from 5 minutes to just seconds!

10:30 -

11:00 am

30 min

Observability, logging, and more with the Splunk extension for AWS Lambda
Speaker: Julian Wood, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS Serverless App Experience

In this session, learn a new way to easily integrate AWS Lambda with your favorite monitoring, observability, security, and governance tools. With the Splunk extension, see how you can automatically ingest Lambda platform performance metrics in real-time and easily understand the performance, usage and bottlenecks across the entire Lambda environment. Come dive into the AWS Lambda function lifecycle to see how extensions work. To integrate your own tools deeply with Lambda, find out how you can build your own extensions. By the end of this session, you’ll be ready to take full advantage of this new powerful AWS Lambda capability.

11:00 -

11:30 am

30 min

Automate Everything for Going Fast
Speakers: Kyle Ruddy, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, Hashicorp
Amit Sharma, Director of Product Marketing, Observability, Splunk

DevOps and IT teams use infrastructure as code to build, manage and automate infrastructure resources. In this session, learn about best practices for automating workflows - from provisioning to production. We will discuss how to provision infrastructure collaboratively, securely and reliably using Terraform, and consistently implement observability practices across different teams using Terraform Splunk providers.
Live/On-Demand: Yes/No
Presentation/Demo: Presentation and Demo

11:30 -

11:35 am

5 min

Closing Remarks
Speaker: Josh Atwell, Senior Technology Advocate, Splunk