Dive into the Splunk Threat Research Team’s latest detections

The world has been watching the turbulent and complex geopolitical landscape that has resulted in unrelenting cyber attacks against Ukraine and introduces potential threats to operational systems around the globe.

The Splunk Threat Research Team actively monitors the emergence of new cyber threats within ongoing events in Eastern Europe, and recently developed several detections to help defend against malicious payloads and destructive software.

Join the Splunk Threat Research Team for a webinar, Splunk Detections: Malicious Payloads and Destructive Software, to learn more about:

  • Malicious payloads like AcidRain, Cyclops Blink, CaddyWiper, DoubleZero Destructor and HermeticWiper.
  • Detections to enhance security operations and defense strategies.

Our Speakers

Rod Soto

Rod Soto

Principal Threat Researcher,


Teoderick Contreras

Senior Threat Researcher,