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The upheaval caused by the global pandemic has made it significantly more challenging to monitor your IT infrastructure, and also significantly more important to do it effectively. With employees working from home, or in a hybrid environment where some are at home and some in the office, the level of complexity—and potential risk—has skyrocketed. Add in an element of economic uncertainty, and the potential damage from an outage becomes even greater.

It’s not easy finding and fixing underlying server issues even when you’re onsite. Traditional monitoring tools are often siloed and difficult to scale, and they weren’t built for a hybrid environment. Without effective monitoring, you risk costly outages, lost productivity and frustrated customers. It’s never been more vital to have an effective and dependable IT monitoring solution in place.

Watch our On-demand webinar, "Top Trends to Protect Your Servers – and Your Business – with Centralized Infrastructure Monitoring" to learn:

  • Top trends for maximizing IT performance with a centralized infrastructure monitoring strategy
  • Practical tips for optimizing the performance, uptime and health of your IT environment
  • How to get end-to-end visibility across your IT infrastructure to prevent outages before they happen
  • What to look for when evaluating IT monitoring tools
Speaker Info
Director of Product Marketing, Splunk

Speaker Info
IT Evangelist, Splunk