Take practical steps to prevent infections.

As ransomware threats continue to evolve, many organisations are still reacting to these attacks tactically instead of with mindful intent.

Splunk SURGe – our in-house team of security experts, threat researchers and advisors – recently analysed how quickly ten major ransomware strains, including Lockbit, REvil and Blackmatter, could encrypt 100,000 files. The encryption speeds discovered in this research indicate that if an enterprise is hit with a ransomware attack, it may be too late to stop it from spreading.

Join our Analysis of 10 Major Ransomware Strains webinar on demand to tap into the latest SURGe research and learn more about:

  • Practical steps organisations can take to prevent infections.
  • Splunk SURGe's ransomware analysis and key research findings.
  • How Splunk can help defend against ransomware.

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Johan Bjerke

Johan Bjerke

Principal Security Strategist at Splunk

Matthias Maier

Matthias Maier

Product Marketing Director at Splunk