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Security teams are underfunded, understaffed and overwhelmed by constantly putting out fires. They struggle to deal with threats and attacks, while having to answer hard questions from management. Everyone is demanding detailed, accurate answers about cyberthreats and risk and compliance – and they all need answers NOW.

So, how useful is it to know that you’re not alone, since others are in the same boat? The answer is “not useful at all.” What IS useful, is knowing how to work smarter and get answers faster.

Join us in this one hour webinar to learn:

  • How to analyze events from three common data sources to look for malicious activity
  • How to get more efficient at discovery, triage and the investigation of potential security incidents
  • How to leverage automation methods to accelerate investigations and get answers faster

This webinar will provide demo examples of how to ask questions of your machine data to get security insights. For example, we will explore whether login behavior looks suspicious the root cause of how an attacker entered your network. We’ll show how you can get to investigative findings quickly and make use of those answers just as quickly. This webinar aims to help security teams learn how to stay focused on solving security problems faster so they can get ahead of it all.