While digital transformation technologies have introduced a new urgency to cybersecurity, the recent shift to remote work has made agencies rethink security practices. How do agencies manage a myriad of security initiatives while ensuring they are good stewards of taxpayer dollars and focus on the core mission of managing risk? Innovators are finding that data, as a foundation, can help agencies manage risk better while driving efficacies across security initiatives.

Join Splunk and your Industry peers on November 5th where you’ll hear from public and private sector leaders on how they are leveraging data to mature cyber defenses and pragmatic strategies that keep their organizations safe. At this free, virtual event you will learn about:

  • How data can drive multiple security initiatives across your organization without increasing resource needs
  • Emerging cybersecurity trends like Zero Trust, AI/ML and automation
  • How to supercharge your SOC and reduce analyst fatigue, yet be proactive with risk management
  • Success stories and innovations in government that can help you confidently embark on your journey

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The Agenda

*Webinar is now on demand. This is the original agenda below.

**All times are in EST

5 Minutes

Ashok Sankar, Director Industry Marketing & Strategy, Splunk

20 Minutes

Keynote: Securing the Mission in the Data Age
Juliana Vida, Chief Technical Advisor, Splunk

The public sector has to find new ways to work with data at scale, and to secure it in a world of heightened cybercrime and nation-state threats. In this keynote address, Juliana Vida will break down how agencies can best leverage data to stay ahead of their adversaries and why it truly is the foundation for a strong security posture and risk management practices.

20 Minutes

The Future of Government Security: A Fireside Chat
Matt Hartman, Deputy Assistant Director, CISA, DHS
Juliana Vida, Chief Technical Advisor, Splunk

This session will discuss what the future of government security looks like and how emerging cybersecurity trends like Zero Trust, TIC 3.0 and machine learning and artificial intelligence can transform cybersecurity, enabling an agency to focus on their mission.

20 Minutes

Getting ahead of compliance. It’s easier than you think.
Tieu Lieu, Chief Product Officer, Qmulous

While compliance efforts are mandated and top-of-mind across government and education, the wrong approach can be costly and result in excruciating audits and a failing grade on scorecards. But innovators are leveraging their data and finding, if properly executed, compliance can be seamless, efficient and ensure critical cyber hygiene. This session will cover how the right data-driven approach can help organizations go beyond meeting regulatory requirements and provide a foundation for a robust risk management.

20 Minutes

Tales from the SOC- Stories of Successful SOC Modernizations
Daniel Hammons, Cyber Security Manager, SAIC
Katie Brown, Sr. Engineer, Splunk

Outdated solutions produce volumes of security alerts, yet security teams struggle to accurately detect high-priority threats because of the amount of noise generated. Compound this reality with compliance mandates, budget uncertainties, as well as staff shortages and skills gaps, and it becomes readily apparent why security professionals are looking for new technologies. This session will showcase real world examples of how having a strong data foundation is the building block to modern security operations.

10 Minutes


20 Minutes

Don’t be a SOAR Loser: Utilizing Automation to Drive Productivity
Gretchen White, CISO, Courts of MN
Charles DeSanno, Cyber Automation Lead, Booz Allen Hamilton
Melissa Andrews, Sales Engineering Manager, Splunk

For years, security managers have faced a host of challenges: too many alerts, a security talent shortage and disparate security tools. The foundation for a strong, mature security operations center (SOC), built on standard security procedures that leverage automation and orchestration, has never been more critical. This session will showcase how security orchestration and automation (SOAR) can be used to streamline people, force multiply your teams and automate processes for greater effectiveness and efficiency.


Trust Whom Your Data Tells You To: The Foundation for Zero Trust
Gerald Caron, Director of Enterprise Network Management, Dept of State
Finn Ramsland, VP, Engineering and Technology, ClearShark
Kathy Talman, Director Engineering- Federal, Splunk

The legacy approach to security is changing as remote work becomes the new normal and organizations have had to embrace digital transformation quicker than they may have planned. Enter Zero Trust- a new security model that more effectively adapts to the complexity of the modern environment, embraces the mobile workforce, and protects people, devices, apps, and data wherever they’re located. And it’s all a data drive operation. During this session, we will discuss the basics of zero trust, how this fast evolving security paradigm is gaining fans among security teams and how innovators are evolving along their zero trust journeys.

20 Minutes

The Future is Cloudy: Embracing Security in the Cloud
Tim Sandage, Sr. Manager, Security Partners, AWS
Grace Balancio, Sales Engineering Manager, Splunk

If Cloud is the platform for innovation, analytics is the engine and data is the fuel. During this closing session, we’ll sit down with public sector leaders to discuss how data-driven insights in the cloud can accelerate mission success and build a strong foundation for modern security operations.

Closing Remarks
Ashok Sankar, Director Industry Marketing & Strategy, Splunk

Our Speakers

Matt Hartman

Deputy Assistant Director

Ashok Sankar

Director, Solutions Marketing

Charles De Sanno

Cyber Automation Lead
Booz Allen Hamilton

Daniel Hammons

Cyber Security Manager

Finn Ramsland

Vice President of Engineering and Technology

Gerald J. Caron III

Director of Enterprise Network Management
Bureau of Information Resources
U.S Department of State

Grace Balancio

Sales Engineering Manager

Gretchen White

Chief Information Security Officer
Minnesota Judicial Branch (MJB)

Juliana Vida

Chief Technical Advisor – Public Sector

Kathy Talman

Director Sales Engineering- Federal

Katie Brown

Sr. Solutions Engineer

Melissa Andrews

Sales Engineering Manager

Tieu Luu

Chief Product Officer