Gain insights from Splunk and Accenture security experts.

Digital transformation has become vital to many companies' long-term survival. But the growing complexity, speed and how new technologies and services are purchased, developed and deployed disrupts the existing operating models of security operations teams.

Security Operations Teams have to go through a transformation, it’s time to consider a more advanced SOC model to address a dynamic environment that requires strategic thinking about corporate digital security and refreshing the understanding of the landscape they are accountable for to defend.

Join us for this panel discussion to hear the latest industry trends and the capabilities you will need to address a dynamic environment:

  • Why and how Dev, Security and Operations has to come together in DevSecOps
  • What does the cloud maturity journey look like and how does it impact security teams? What will be their responsibility?
  • What should be on the security score card to satisfy chief executives and financial officers as cybersecurity spending is moving from being project-oriented to outcome-oriented?
  • What skills and job roles are worth to invest in, to avoid getting overwhelmed?
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Our Speakers

Jane Wong

Vice President, Security Products, Splunk

Jacky Fox

Managing Director, Accenture Ireland Security Lead

Michael Teichmann

Managing Director, Accenture Security Services Netherlands

James Hanlon

Director, Security Specialization & Advisory, EMEA, Splunk