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Gain Splunk, MITRE and Talos Insights

Although MITRE ATT&CK is famous for making security analysts' lives easier, there is sometimes a learning curve to adopting it and implementing it into SIEMs.  Join SIEM experts from the MITRE ATT&CK team, Cisco Talos Group, and Splunk to discuss the challenges (and solutions!) to using MITRE ATT&CK with a modern SIEM. Join us in this webinar to learn:

  • How to supercharge your SIEM with MITRE ATT&CK and use it to your advantage
  • Common issues organizations run into and guidance on how solve them
  • ATT&CKing your SIEM rules: how to map rules into ATT&CK and the difficulties you might face
  • Use knowledge of the adversary’s TTPs and plan your defenses with heatmaps



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Principal Product Manager

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Principal Security Strategist

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Principal Cybersecurity Engineer,

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Threat Research Manager,
Cisco Talos