Reduce Your Attack Surface Using Security Automation


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With the drive to embrace cloud-based solutions, it becomes difficult to apply the same level of security across your security perimeter. We invest in best-of-breed technologies to defend our networks but there isn't always a vendor-supplied integration to apply those technologies to all the places you need it. This can cause duplicating fees for security tools in order to apply it to another location or cloud-based service. With the help of SOAR technology, like the Splunk Phantom Platform, learn how to extend the best-of-breed protections you already own to new places, and create customized, automated malware defenses that quickly and effectively deal with the ever-changing threat landscape.

What you will learn:

  • How the Emotet Malspam campaign exposed an incident response gap and how SOAR was able to mitigate this gap.
  • How SOAR enables teams to extend their existing technologies to reduce the attack surface of cloud-based services.
  • A live demonstration of one of Phantom’s community playbooks leveraging Splunk ES Analytic Stories for detection and Phantom for response.


Jason Mihalow
Senior Security Architect
McGraw-Hill Education
Philip Royer
Research Engineer
Splunk Inc.
Chris Simmons
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Splunk Inc.