IMPORTANT: This Cyber Briefing Series will be covering new regulations that apply to business and organisations in Australia ONLY. We do not recommend joining if the new regulations do not apply to your business.

The Australian Government will introduce an enhanced regulatory framework, building on existing requirements under the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018.
Splunk's Cyber Security Briefing Series will take you through what this will mean to your organisation, and what you can do now to prepare. These are 30-minute briefings and will be delivered to you via zoom. Attend the sessions that are of more interest to you or even better, attend all 5!

Briefing 1 - Understanding the new Cyber Security Regulations

25 February, 2021

Join the Splunk Cyber team for an overview of the regulatory changes, why they are happening, what the regulations may be and which industry organisations will be affected. Find out what the changes will mean for your organisation and how do you prepare NOW for the changes.

This initial briefing will set the scene for the next four briefings.

Briefing 2 - Securing IT/OT environments

4 March, 2021

There can be no question that key critical infrastructure environments are seeing a significant uptick in the ability to digitally connect their operation. However, for all the benefits the convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) brings, it also increases risk, becoming more exposed to attack and vulnerabilities. This prompts enterprises to extend their information security programs to improve defenses against attacks that threaten control and automation operations.

The good news is that it is possible to secure industrial networks without disrupting operations or risking non-compliance. By using solutions that allow complete visibility of network control traffic and establishing the right security policies, you can put an effective IT/OT strategy in place that will protect your processes, people and profit and significantly reduce security vulnerabilities and incidents.
Join this briefing and we can show you how to get started with securing your environment.

Briefing 3 - Automated Response

11 March, 2021

OT and IT are converging at an ever-increasing pace. While this is important for efficiency, it will increase risk for critical infrastructure. Having the ability to automate and orchestrate your security response in these environments will no longer be a "nice to have", it will become a necessity. This briefing will run you through a simulated critical infrastructure breach, its detection, and then the automated response to help remediate the issue.

Join this briefing to see the solutions in action!

Briefing 4 - Insider Threat

18 March, 2021

Your organisation's greatest asset is its workforce – which is also the greatest source of information security compromise, be that accidental or malicious. How do you provide your employees and 3rd party contractors the access they need, while ensuring that legitimate access isn't misused through compromised accounts or rogue insiders?

Join this briefing to learn how to examine the security controls you already have and how we can use advanced analytic techniques to mitigate the 'insider threat'.

Briefing 5 - Analysis of an IT/OT attack

25 March, 2021

In previous sessions we looked at what it takes to increase visibility across both IT and OT environments, we've looked at the role automation plays, and addressed the threats posed by malicious or benign insider actors in these environments. The theory is sound, but how do you get started?

In this session we will look at some practical examples as we take a trip down memory lane to Boss of the SOC 4 to visit our favourite expert beer-brewing crew at Frothly who find themselves in this exact situation after acquiring a microbrewery and all the OT technology that goes with it!

Join this briefing that brings it all together! We will discuss how Splunk can help you with your security readiness in preparation for the upcoming regulatory changes.

IMPORTANT: This Cyber Briefing Series will be covering new regulations that apply to business and organisations in Australia ONLY. We do not recommend joining if the new regulations do not apply to your business.