Operational Resilience in Financial Services | Webinar | Wednesday 29 June 2022

The time for a resilient agility framework is now.

Financial services organisations have recognised the importance of having a culture of operational and organisational resilience. This has also been recognised in recent regulation, which focuses on preventing consumer detriment and maintaining industry reputation.

By using data, financial services organisations can monitor and reduce business risk to minimise the impact of any potentially destabilising event on the delivery of key services.

Splunk is working closely with our customers to:

  • Improve the resilience of key business services, to maintain and improve customer experience
  • Anticipate risk and execute appropriately in response to changes in business KPIs
  • And when things do go wrong, minimise the impact

We know that every organisation is on a journey to improve its resilience, whilst also needing to be agile in its business operations. As Splunk is already working with customers to achieve key business outcomes using data, we are ideally placed to bring traditionally disparate data together. And in doing this, we can support our customers throughout their resilience journey.

Join us on 29th June to hear Shaun Cooney and Charles Adriaenssens discuss key considerations for any financial services organisation looking to improve its resilience:

  • Splunk’s Operational Resilience principles
  • Why does every company need to think about Business
  • Agility alongside Operational Resilience?
  • It’s all about risk!
  • Getting started and building maturity

Our Speakers

Charles Adriaenssens

Charles Adriaenssens

Financial Services Industry Strategist, Splunk

Shaun Cooney

Strategic Advisor - Technology & Innovation, Splunk